You Said It

  • Joe: I'd love to ride a donkey.
  • dan: you smell you donkey riding fatty

Awwwwwww So Cute.

Need I [...]

Cute Ass

It’s cute. What else can [...]

Stupid Cute Bastard

This dumb ass donkey gives all us regular donkeys a bad name.

He’s lazy, he’s depressing, he’s cute. What? Why is that cute? I don’t understand how he can get away with being such a dick.

There’s that lazy horse that hangs out by the barn all the time.. he’s lazy but not depressing… nobody thinks he’s cute.  [...]

Cuteness is Overrated

Ok this picture is everywhere. There’s even some horrible cell-phone-style video of people approaching this cute little animal.

What if this were a donkey?  I don’t think anybody would care.  Everybody’d be like “oh look at that stupid ass, wandering aimlessly through the ruins of hell.”  Yeah, that’s what they’d say.

I’d be like, “Eee-Haw! Gimme some water.” [...]