Stupid Cute Bastard

eeyore is cuteThis dumb ass donkey gives all us regular donkeys a bad name.

He’s lazy, he’s depressing, he’s cute. What? Why is that cute? I don’t understand how he can get away with being such a dick.

There’s that lazy horse that hangs out by the barn all the time.. he’s lazy but not depressing… nobody thinks he’s cute.  What gives?

Cuteness is Overrated

koala-saviourOk this picture is everywhere. There’s even some horrible cell-phone-style video of people approaching this cute little animal.

What if this were a donkey?  I don’t think anybody would care.  Everybody’d be like “oh look at that stupid ass, wandering aimlessly through the ruins of hell.”  Yeah, that’s what they’d say.

I’d be like, “Eee-Haw! Gimme some water.” They’d laugh and I’d get nothing.  I wouldn’t have a fan base, and I certainly wouldn’t have gotten the exposure that this little creature got.  It’s annoying not being that cute.  But then again, his fame will end and mine will linger on at the all-time low it is.