You Said It

  • Joe: I'd love to ride a donkey.
  • dan: you smell you donkey riding fatty

Hot Shit, Cousin Ed!

Cousin Ed got featured on some other random blog called twenty’s hacker!

That’s [...]

The Bartenders Donkey


A man walks into a bar and sits down and orders a drink.

He then notices a Jar that is full of money. The man asks the bartender what the jar is for. The bartender then says that he has a donkey in the back room and if anyone can make him him laugh [...]

A Couple of Asses

So me and this other guy were hangin out on the farm when he turns to me and says “Did you hear about the zoo who painted stripes on a donkey and passed it off as a zebra?”

I had not heard of it… but [...]

Awwwwwww So Cute.

Need I [...]

Back Away From The Donkey

This is one [...]