What Not To Do With a Donkey: Part Three

donkey-basketbal-deadDonkey Basketball.  Yes, you heard me.  Donkey basketball is a fine example as to what humans are doing to humiliate not only themselves, but myself and my kind. The whole concept is mind boggling. People riding on the backs of donkeys with hopes of entertaining the masses while being asses.  They mimic the kind of “sport” while abusing the poor asses.

Look at my buddy, half dead.  The poor guy can’t even get up. Exhausted, nearly dead. This is totally unacceptable.

donkey-basketball-dumpedIt’s a good thing for us that our friends over at PETA are speaking out against this atrocity! We need more humans like this! They’re so smart and wonderful and great at protecting the asses of the world!

End the abuse! No more Donkey Basketball! How about a bunch of donkeys ride you bitches while going for a “slam dunk” how do you think that’d feel? Huh?  Yeah.. That’s right.  We’ll get you one by one.